A flawless construction site for flawless people

Do it Yourself

Is It Clean?

If the site’s not clean, it’s not done. And for good reason. Right after a job is “finished,” the site will be in shambles, completely unusable. To make cleaning and clearing sites easier, it’s good to designate dumpsters or other holding containers for specific types of materials. Cleaning a site also involves gathering up all recyclable material and recycling it. In the end the cleaning crew will go through a final cleaning to sweep and mop floors, wash windows and surfaces, and removed protective layers, like the plastic covers over glass.

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Do It Yourself

I’m all for do-it-yourself projects, and I’m certainly behind all the DIY sites out there, but for major projects like homebuilding and extensive landscaping, I’d definitely recommend that you think twice about doing it yourself. Instead call a professional who can deliver you a flawless completed project that will be done in half the time you could do it. Unless you have the sorts of technical training that will help you prepare technical schematics and perform the specific techniques required for your project, don’t do it.

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Flawless = Favors

By “favors” I of course mean “referrals.” And since construction companies make most of their money through the referrals they receive, it’s doubly important to make sure they’re securing every referral they can manage. And the best way to secure a referral is to make sure that you’re doing flawless work and creating flawless sites. Though asking for referrals can be anxiety-inducing and even frustrating, there are plenty of tips out there for how to procure yourself some referrals. Once you get into the swing of it, it becomes easier.

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